RAR for Android privacy policy

Core archiving module

RAR for Android core archiving module does not collect personal information such as your name, email address, phone number or credit card. It can store file names and paths locally to display them in history lists. It can store archive passwords for some time to access encrypted files. RAR does not transfer this stored locally information outside of device.

Mobile Ads SDK

RAR for Android integrates Google AdMob Mobile Ads SDK. AdMob may use the device advertising ID to serve better targeted ads to the user.

Firebase SDK

RAR for Android integrates Google Analytics and Firebase SDK. These services can collect usage data and unique device identifiers such as device advertising ID. They can share this data with other Google services such as AdMob to server better targeted ads.

You can read the detailed Google privacy policy here: policies.google.com/privacy

Data collected by these analytic services helps us to better understand how Android users utilize RAR.

Firebase Crashlytics

RAR for Android integrates Google Firebase Crashlytics and Crash Reporting, which collect information about RAR crashes, such as stack traces and Instance IDs. We use this information to identify and fix RAR bugs.


RAR for Android uses following permissions:

to read and write files on SD card.
to continue archiving, extraction and other commands when screen is turned off.
to implement purchases to disable advertising.
to allow advertising to work.
to allow RAR file management interface to run APK files in Android 8+.
to allow RAR to use WorkManager component to delete RAR temporary files when they become old enough.

Third party Google services integrated to RAR can use additional permissions needed to implement their functions and include such permissions to list above.