WinRAR New Design Survey

Dear WinRAR user,

even though you probably have already forgotten that WinRAR used to look slightly different on Windows 3.1, we have decided to change our design again. (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE SOMETHING!)

We know that we have been around longer than dinosaurs and we are full of wrinkles and make the pyramids look young but we can guarantee you that a lot of people would still consider us young...

...if they were still alive.

So we would like to present you three designs for our main icon and three new toolbar designs, which have passed the following criteria:

- please be creative but don't try to change anything!

- please don't make us look any younger just try to make us look less old!

- please don't touch our current design but make it look completely different!

- please make sure red is really red, green is really green and blue is really blue!

And yes, we have actually found three designers who have agreed to work along those lines.

Thanks to efforts under surely extremely frustrating, painfull and gruesome conditions and the unbreakable motivation of Julia, Aditya and Slava, we can present to you three designs and would like to hear which one you like most.

We intend to use new design in the next major upgrade of WinRAR.

PS: We can't expect people to re-design all the WinRAR memes out there! We will have to live with the knowledge that some of them will look outdated soon. And: no we did not create the WinRAR memes ourselves, we just love them ;-)

Please follow one of the following links to our online survey to see the new designs and to cast your vote.

1) If you want to see a summary of results at the end of the survey and are ready to share your email address with Google, you can vote here: https://goo.gl/forms/YYqyQCpbf0GVQCcv1

2) If you prefer to cast your vote anonymously, you can do so here: https://goo.gl/forms/pWJAFcABjtBfl5VB2

Thank you very much for your time and your support!

With Season's Greetings,

Your WinRAR Team